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Articul per Ladin Gherdëina

Na republica (dal latin res publica che uel di 'roba publica') ie n stat ulache l pudëi pulitich ie dl publich, chël uel di de la jënt, y si reprejentatifs, a cuntrast cun na monarchia.[1][2]


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  1. "Republic | Definition of Republic by the Oxford English Dictionary". Oxford English Dictionary (per inglese). Trat ite ai 2022-05-10. A state in which power rests with the people or their representatives; specifically a state without a monarchy. Also: a government, or system of government, of such a state; a period of government of this type. The term is often (especially in the 18th and 19th centuries) taken to imply a state with a democratic or representative constitution and without a hereditary nobility, but more recently it has also been used of autocratic or dictatorial states not ruled by a monarch. It is now chiefly used to denote any non-monarchical state headed by an elected or appointed president.
  2. "Definition of Republic". Merriam-Webster Dictionary (per inglese americano). Trat ite ai 2017-02-18. a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch