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{{About}} is a commonly used hatnote template on Wikipedia, and should be placed at the top of an article (but following {{Short description}}, if present), linking the reader to other articles with similar titles or concepts that they may have been seeking instead. The template has several formats, including:

Alternately, a section=yes parameter can be added to the {{About}} template for use at the top of a section. When using this parameter, the wording in the template changes to specify that it is being used in a section:

  • {{About|Use1|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1||Article2|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|and|Article3|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|other uses|section=yes}}

A |text= option adds text to the end; this should only be used when truly necessary, when the other hatnote templates listed below don't suffice. This template supports |selfref= (see {{self reference}} and MOS:SELFREF for details).

For more options, find "{{About}}" in the text below.

For reference, see Wikipedia:hatnote and documentation below. Vollständigkeit der Einbindungen prüfen

TemplateData[muda l codesc]

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TemplateData for About

<templatedata> { "description": "This template is a hatnote in the format \"This page is about … For other uses …\".", "params": { "1": { "label": "Page description", "type": "string", "description": "What the page this template is placed on is about (\"This page is about …\")", "suggested": true }, "2": {