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Standard parameters

Parameter nameValueMeaning
alias El Salvador Main article name (El Salvador)
flag alias Flag of El Salvador.svg Image name (File:Flag of El Salvador.svg, shown on right)

Flag variants

LabelFlag image (40px)Image name
1822Civil Flag of El Salvador.png
1823Flag of the United Provinces of Central America.svg
1824Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America.svg
1839Flag of El Salvador (1839-1865).svg
1865aFlag of El Salvador (April 1865).svg
1865bFlag of El Salvador (June 1865).svg
1869Flag of El Salvador (1869-1873).svg
1873Flag of El Salvador (1873-1875).svg
1875Flag of El Salvador (1875-1877).svg
1898Flag of the Greater Republic of Central America (1898).svg
civilCivil Ensign of El Salvador.svg

Redirect aliases

This template can also be used via an alias name (implemented as a redirect to this template):
Alias name{{flag|alias}} output{{flagcountry|alias}} output
SLV (view)Template:Country data SLVTemplate:Country data SLV
ESA (view)Template:Country data ESATemplate:Country data ESA

See What links here for a full list of redirects.

Example usage

  • {{flag|El Salvador}} El Salvador
  • {{flagicon|El Salvador}}El Salvador

Using a flag variant

  • {{flag|El Salvador|1822}} El Salvador
  • {{flagicon|El Salvador|1822}}El Salvador

Using a redirect alias

Military ensigns

This nation's naval flag is the same as its national flag, so Template:Naval produces the following:

This nation's air force ensign is the same as its national flag, so Template:Air force produces the following:

This nation's navy flag is the same as its national flag, so Template:Navy produces the following:

This nation's army ensign is the same as its national flag, so Template:Army produces the following:


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