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Produces an icon for the supplied image parameter, of the same size, CSS class, etc. as images produced by Template:Flagicon. This template can be used for arbitrary images that are not included in any country data template.

Caution is advised if this is used in infoboxes, as flags are generally discouraged there, and additional concerns (such as not using flags purely for decoration, and not using them in an anachronistic manner) may apply. Further guidance is given at MOS:FLAGS.

Please do not use this template to render non-free images, which would also not be acceptable within a country data template.

{{flagicon image|image name|size=optional|border=optional|link=optional}}
{{flagicon image|Red flag.svg}}
{{flagicon image|Red flag.svg|size=30x20px|link=Japan}}
{{flagicon image|ICS Alfa.svg|border=}}

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