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Usage[muda l codesc]

Standard usage: {{IPAc-yue|initial|final|tone number}}

This template converts Jyutping to IPA, but one can also use some IPA symbols directly (listed below).

Use 'm0'/'M' and 'ng0'/'NG' for syllabic nasals [m̩] and [ŋ̩] respectively.

Periods indicate intra-word syllable boundaries; hyphens (spaces) indicate word boundaries.

IPA symbols[muda l codesc]

JP uses some IPA symbols for different sounds. Only some IPA symbols can be used for their intended sounds.

IPA Sounds JP IPA or IPA-like symbols
aspirated sounds:
/pʰ, tʰ, tsʰ, kʰ/
p, t, c, k pʰ, tʰ, tsʰ, kʰ
ph, th, tsh, kh
p', t', ts', k'
/ts/ z ts
/ŋ/ ng ŋ (currently only in initial [ŋ]; rimes [ɐŋ], [œŋ])
null initial /ʔ/ / (omit when inputting), 0, ?
/ɐ/ rimes ai, au etc ɐi, ɐu etc
/œ/, /ɵ/ oe, eo œ, ɵ
/y/ rimes yu, yun, yut y, yn, yt