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This template provides the Alias, as defined by Unicode.

It also is used to determine whether a script is formally present in Unicode. (Script-id has an Alias <==> script is in Unicode).

A dozen ISO-defined scripts are merged into other scripts by Unicode. See /Unicode-merged-into-script.

Expected code input: {{{1}}}=an ISO 15924 code ("Latn" in alpha-4 OR its numeric code)

Default output, in case the input is not found in the list, is blank (no text). It can be set different:


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  • Alias names as of 2022-08-05, aligned with Unicode version 15.0. [1] and [2] (Latest Version files). File version self-identifies as "PropertyValueAliases-14.0.0.txt # Date: 2021-05-10, 21:08:53 GMT"

Template data

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General information on ISO 15924 templates

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   This section: Template:View


[muda l codesc]
Item In template /subs Content Example Publisher Usage TPU Note
Code (ISO) {{ISO 15924 code}} /subp ID Arab ISO 15924 Everywhere [Template:TPU] Alpha-4, enwiki central ISO script id list
Alias (Unicode) {{ISO 15924 alias}} /subp ID Arabic Unicode [Template:TPU]
Article (enwiki) {{ISO 15924/wp-article}} /subp ID [[Arabic script]] enwiki [Template:TPU]
QID (wikidata) {{ISO 15924/qid}} /subp ID Q790681 Wikidata [Template:TPU]
Number; range 000–999 {{ISO 15924 number}} /subp ID 234 ISO 15924 rarely [Template:TPU] ISO number not used as ID in enwiki; see Code
Scripts (sub)merged into main scripts
{{ISO 15924 alias/unicode-merged-into-script}} /subp Merged scripts Latf → Template:ISO 15924 alias/unicode-merged-into-script Unicode Script descriptions, re U+ [Template:TPU] In mainspace: 10× hardcoded (e.g.); 2× Qxxx depr
Name {{ISO 15924 name}} /subp data Deseret (Mormon) ISO 15924 [Template:TPU]
Unicode chapter {{ISO 15924/unicode-chapter}} /subp data Template:ISO 15924/unicode-chapter Unicode [Template:TPU] pdf does not open at .n subchapter
Script example
{{ISO 15924/script-example-character}} /subp data Template:ISO 15924/script-example-character enwiki User boxes [Template:TPU]
In Mainspace
  • ISO
  • U
  • enwiki
{{ISO 15924 script codes and related Unicode data}} /subp list enwiki ISO 15924 [Template:TPU] Mainspace: ISO 15924, Script (Unicode), Unicode character property
Blocks ⇄ Scripts {{Unicode blocks}} /subp list enwiki some script articles [Template:TPU] Mainspace; related
graphs {{ISO 15924/unicode-script-illustration}} /subp fonts&files [Template:TPU] Mainspace, Scripts in Unicode
4 IDs:
  • ISO
  • U
  • WD
  • enwiki
{{ISO 15924/overview-4id}} /subp 4 ID's, related Wikidata check consistency [Template:TPU]
Overview: templates {{ISO 15924/overview-templates}} /subp list Wikipedia [Template:TPU]
WP-category {{ISO 15924/wp-category}} /subp data Category:Arabic script enwiki Not checked for mainspace [Template:TPU] watered down concept for minor scripts
Also (doc, userbox, technical, ...)
Documentation {{ISO 15924 templates/doc}} /subp prime documentation Latin script in Unicode (~) [Template:TPU] Reused in multiple templates
Redirect {{R from ISO 15924 code}} /subp template enwiki Redirects [Template:TPU]
userbox {{User iso15924}} /subp Userboxes [Template:TPU]
Related Changes {{Recent changes in Unicode}} /subp pages Unicode, ISO 15924 WP:RELC Related Changes enwiki WikiProject [Template:TPU] 900+700 P x T
Unicode versions {{Unicode version}} /subp Version number Template:Unicode version enwiki [Template:TPU] (new Sep2022)
Wikidata properties
Directionality (P1406) P1406 Template:Tla, ...
Unicode ranges (P5949) P5949 Template:Tla, ...
ISO English name (P2561) P2561 Crosscheck only
Data module module:Unicode data /subp Template:Slink
HTML named entities module:Numcr2namecr /subp

ISO updates

[muda l codesc]
  • The ISO 15924 list of script codes is updated regularly, usually at least once a year. The current list is complete as of 3 Template:MONTHNAME 2021, and defines 213 codes (code, number, script name).
  • As of 07:13, 15 February 2022 (UTC), this template contains 258 ISO 15924 script codes. All are paired in both forms Xxxx and 123 (Alpha-4 and numerical). This 258 includes 50 distinct Qxxx codes. Some ISO-defined codes may have no ISO name, and/or may not be Unicode-defined.


[muda l codesc]
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