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Usage[muda l codesc]

  • This template uses a parser function. To give greater detail to the template, you may specify a specific reason for protection.
{{Pp-pc|reason=due to a reason}}

Notes[muda l codesc]

  • If parameter small is set to "yes", "y", "1", or "true", e.g. {{Pp-pc|small=yes}}, a padlock icon is generated in article's upper right hand corner.
  • The reason parameter will produce:
    "All edits by unregistered and new users are subject to review reason." if the protection is indefinite.
    "All edits by unregistered and new users are subject to review until January 1, 2025 reason." if the protection has been set to expire on a particular date (in this case to January 1, 2025).
    Note: The preceding space and full stop are automatically included.

TemplateData[muda l codesc]

This is the TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, VisualEditor and other tools. click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Pp-pc

This template is used to mark and categorise pending changed protected articles. Adding this template to an article does not protect it.

Parametri template[Modifica dati del modello]


The reason the page was protected.


Show an icon in the top right corner.


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