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A template to produce one or more non-breaking spaces (  character entities).

Usage[muda l codesc]

Syntax[muda l codesc]

Template:Larger produces N consecutive non-breaking spaces (where N is a whole number larger than zero) of the type specified by the second parameter (which are ordered by decreasing space width): em, fig, en, thin, hair. If type is not specified, N non-breaking spaces ( ) are produced. A non-breaking space has the same width as a standard space, whose width is between the width of en and thin.

Template:Larger produces a single non-breaking space of the type indicated.

Controlling line-breaking in infoboxes[muda l codesc]

This template, usually as its alias {{nbsp}}, may be used with {{wbr}} and {{nowrap}} to control line-breaking in bulletless lists in infoboxes, to prevent wrapped long entries from being confused with multiple entries. See Template:Wbr/doc#Controlling line-breaking in infoboxes for details.

Comparisons[muda l codesc]

Template:Space comparison

Template data[muda l codesc]

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TemplateData for Spaces

Inserts one or more non-breaking spaces

Parametri template[Modifica dati del modello]


How many non-breaking spaces to insert


Non-default types (in decreasing order of width): em, fig, en, thin, hair

Valori suggeriti
em fig en nbsp thin hair

See also[muda l codesc]

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