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This template inserts a Table of Contents that omits subheadings beyond a certain depth. The table obeys the same layout rules as the __TOC__ magic word. Omitted sections still have section edit links in the article body. The main use for this template is situations where you want section edit links for ease of editing but don't want a full table of contents. Before using this template, consider whether and why it would be helpful to readers and other editors.

Usage[muda l codesc]

{{TOC limit}} or {{TOC limit|3}}

The template defaults to including second- and third-level headings, e.g. those numbered "1" and "1.1" in the TOC. (Note: {{TOC limit|1}} does nothing: the first-level heading on a page is, by default, the page title.)

You can specify a different limit by adding a header level:

{{TOC limit|4}}

4 allows for fourth-level headings, e.g. "1.1.1", but omits any subheadings below that from the TOC.

The template works by hiding the lower levels with CSS. See Template:TOC limit/styles.css.

TOC levels versus wikitext header levels[muda l codesc]

The heading levels in the TOC normally correspond to the header levels in the wikitext, so a "== Level-2 header ==" will normally generate the first-level ("1") TOC headings, a "=== Level-3 header ===" will normally generate the second-level ("1.1") TOC headings, and so on. This correspondence does not hold if the page contains "= Level-1 headers =" or skips header levels. For example, wikitext like this:

== Level-2 heading (A) ==
=== Level-3 heading (B) ===
== Level-2 heading (C) ==
====== Level-6 heading (D) ======
= Level-1 heading (E) =
== Level-2 heading (F) ==
=== Level-3 heading (G) ===

will generate a TOC like this:

  • 1 Level-2 heading (A)
    • 1.1 Level-3 heading (B)
  • 2 Level-2 heading (C)
    • 2.1 Level-6 heading (D)
  • 3 Level-1 heading (E)
    • 3.1 Level-2 heading (F)
      • 3.1.1 Level-3 heading (G)

Using {{TOC limit}} on this page would not hide header D, because even though it is a level-6 heading it is shown at the second level in the TOC. And it would hide header G even though it is a level-3 heading just like header B, because header G is shown at the third level in the TOC while header B is shown at the second level.

Conflicts[muda l codesc]

This template does not interact well with the {{TOC right}}, {{TOC left}}, {{TOC center}} templates. To achieve the correct effect, use those with a limit parameter. For example, {{TOC right|limit=2}} has the effect that {{TOC right}} and {{TOC limit|2}} would have—if they worked together.

Due to the way the TOC is generated with MobileFrontend (mobile/tablet view), this template does not currently affect how the mobile TOC is displayed.

This template does not work with the Vector 2022 skin. See the bug report at Template:Phab for details.

TemplateData[muda l codesc]

Inserts a Table of Contents that omits subheadings beyond a certain depth.

Parametri template[Modifica dati del modello]

Limit1 limit

Maximum header depth to be included in table of contents


See also[muda l codesc]

{{TOC hidden}}