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Template:Wikidata entity link is used to get an automatically localized link to a Wikidata item or property.

Usage examples[muda l codesc]

Standard usage
{{Wikidata entity link}} (Q17280715)
{{Wikidata entity link|1}}Univers (Q1)
{{Wikidata entity link|Q1}}Univers (Q1)
{{Wikidata entity link|P681}} (P681)
Leading/trailing white space
{{Wikidata entity link | 1 }}Univers (Q1)
{{Wikidata entity link | Q1 }}Univers (Q1)
{{Wikidata entity link | P681 }} (P681)
Lower case
{{Wikidata entity link | q1 }}Univers (Q1)
{{Wikidata entity link | p681 }} (P681)
Template shortcuts

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TemplateData for Wikidata entity link

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Parametri template[Modifica dati del modello]

item or property number1

The letter P is required when linking to properties. The letter Q is optional when linking to items.

Q42, 42, P23

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