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Template:Wikidata property

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Usage[muda l codesc]

As supported by Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects, this template may be used to add a Wikidata property link to a Wikipedia article – concretely, the link created leads to the property's discussion page containing the actual human-readable documentation. Note that this template generates an InterWikimedia link and is not intended to represent sources for Wikipedia articles.

Code Result
{{Wikidata property | P496 }}
{{Wikidata property |1= P496 }}
{{Wikidata property | P1164 | P2820 }}
{{Wikidata property |1= P1164 |2= P2820 }}

Parameters[muda l codesc]

  1. Pnumber (mandatory)
  2. Name (defaults to Wikidata property label)

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Parametri template[Modifica dati del modello]

P number1

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